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PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act)

The security of our customers' information is extremely important to us. We understand the importance of the trust you place in us to protect this information.

Our Goal is to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the data throughout the life cycle of collecting, handling and disposing personal data. We take this very seriously on a daily routine.

1. We comply to PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act 2010), under section Kod 14001 (Tourism & Hospitality).
2. On montly basis, we conduct internal security audit to ensure these high standards are met.
3. Our employees receive extensive security training and briefing on a regular basis.
4. Our employees are requires to meet our standard KPI for Data Privacy & Data Retention.
5. Our employees take ownership responsibility on our Data Privacy & Data Retention and are subject to legal action on wrong doing.

For more information, please visit www.pdp.gov.my


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